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Polecam show reel 2015

We're very lucky to have at our disposal both Chris Taber "Ultimate Polecam" and Stuart Nicholls with whom we work. We hope you enjoy the two showreels, should you like more information please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


We're also bringing Motion Control and UAV filming into our portfolio of production skills, what this space for more exciting videos and information.

Polecam show reel 2014

At UK Production it's been our goal to strive and constantly develop more elegant solutions, with the development of Ultimate Polecam by Chris Taber our very own Polecam guru. It's evolved and come a long way from the original concept of "a camera on a stick"


The self levelling head, stabilisers designed by Chris and now with the addition of the 4K head, gives the user the best of all things. As Polecam is very light weight, very transportable, easy to rig and give great result. Get the added value shots  which your production requires or alternativley shoot the whole show using Polecam as the primary unit.


Contact us today and discuss your production requirements with us.

KUTA a long term project gets BBC approval

KUTA is another development we're pleased to bring to the market place. UK Production has been instrumental in developing the "flight deck" concept, it brings together a simple approach. Design and build a soluttion then deliver this to 90% of the workflow we do. It brings a simple linear production line, to the at time individual requirements of live events. This fully agnostic PPU can be either video or data centric, depending on the required application.


It give us a base line from which we can deliver your event, based in a  standard configuration. Which allows our operators to fly the pre racked  equipment regardless of the ever changing conditions.


We have the comfort of a safety net so to speak build into each event.

KUTA corporate production, which is now being used at small BBC OB's as well as large stadium gigs. This system can be configured with any type of camera requirements and is now Cannon C300 certified

Live production Flight Deck which has been under development since 2001, have be easily configured to suit, corporate live events, awards functions, installation art, expiriential events.


Expandable yet easy to operate, has been our motto when first came up with the idea

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