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January 2016


Conferences, Events and Technology. Delivered on time, everytime


2015 was by far one of the hardest years to deliver the approximate 200+ live events. With changes in technology, clients requirements and a changing demographic.


However "We did it, thanks to all our clients who trusted us. Our Project Managers and of course our freelance crews. For making 2015 what it was. We look forward to 2016 and working with you all soon.


July 2019


NTL Website update coming soon
"We've simply not had time since 2008 when we launched." said Al Steen Technology Consultant at NTL.
More to follow


December 2015


European Location Photography, set to continue well into 2016.


UK Production confirmed it's partnership with Pedestal TV, to cover the 2015 European leg of Dreamtrips, Managing Director Carl Wackan explains. "We're really pleased to be working with Pedestal TV again, we bolt on directly to their services and it's an absolute pleasure to be working with them. 



Bavarian Roast Pork and Dumplings
Bavarian Marching Band #yshb
Loewenbrau Brewery Munich
Munich beer festival_ Roast Pork
You should be here_Munich

January 2016

Check out our recent Awards Dinner held at Claridges London

Delivered on time on budget and delighting the invited audience, as well as being streamed and relayed to Broadcasters live.


Contact us if you've got plans this year, and need advise or would like to discuss your project. UK Production, we're not just here for the simple things in live events.


call on 01932 821800 to discuss your production needs now.

July 2016

Our Innovations Centre 2016

Technology has always been our driving force, however over the last few months. UK Production has been considering, the actual engineering behind the service we deliver.

Which has lead us into reviewing the look and feel of the very equipment we send out. Our Clients especially in the area of Fashion, Art and Clients of high net worth. Often comment they don't like the colour of a specific piece of kit. While Technology drives us, the idea of being judged on a look of a product. Made Managing Director Carl Wackan consider something should be done, to meet that requirement but the question was what and how best to approach this issue.

After months of research Cerakote,  after doing all the research came back as a very durable finish, which gives a wide range of colours, and can be applied to all manner of surfaces. It's never been used in this area of the industry, which brings us back to being innovators and adding both value and a unique product to our range of bespoke and tailored offerings we supply to our clients

call on 01932 821800 to discuss Cerakote and how this unique product work for you.

July 2016

Click the Cerakote image to be taken to the microsite

Cerakote as a product would not automatically spring to mind when, think live events, film and TV productions. However Touring, Rental and installations equipment is used very heavily, to offer a unique look and durable finish will enhance the duration the equipment can be used for. As as making the equipment easier to maintain

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